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    • Address: GDH Industrial Park Unit 3C,No.16 Chuangye Road,Xinbei District Changzhou Jiangsu P.R,China.
      TEL: +86(0)519-89880190
      FAX: +86(0)19-89880191

RIX(Changzhou) Manufacturing Co., Ltd.which head quarter is RIX CORPORATION was established in Changzhou Jiangsu, China on June 5, 2008. And it is committed to the automobile industry, electric and semiconductor industry by designing and manufacturing precision waterjet cleaning system. These waterjet cleaning systems manufactured by RIX are for getting rid of various objects(such as IC mold resin, metal burr, metal chipping and so on after parts manufacturing and assembling) by pressed water and special nozzle with RIX cleaning technology especially .

For the automobile parts manufacturing field,
⒈ Engine parts
⒉ Diesel or gasoline fuel injection and pump parts
⒊ Driving and Braking parts
⒋ Transmission parts

RIX shall manufacture the cleaning systems for above products. RIX system can make parts clean with special cleaning technology such as high pressure water control, low pressure water control with parts rotating and spot shot cleaning. In addition, we also design and manufacture the vacuum dryer and air blow dryer system which is used after cleaning process.

For the electric and semiconductor assembling field,
⒈ IC, LSI device with mold package
⒉ Discrete package such as transistor and diode
⒊ QFN, BGA and CSP

RIX shall manufacture these parts cleaning system with high pressure waterjet. It is to deflash the resin flash and several obstacle on the products by high pressure water after IC molding process. RIX can make uniform deflashing quality by using eccentric rotary nozzle unit. Recently, the semiconductor product becomes thinner and smaller. If it cannot be deflashed by high pressure water only, we will propose to use RIX electrolytic deflasher to improve the quality after waterjet deflashing.

For maximizing customer satisfaction, we will conduct the cleaning test on the samples before designing the systems. We have labo-scale test machine and inspection equipment in Changzhou factory for quality evaluation on customer's samples. According to the test result, we shall design the cleaning equipment that can meet the quality of customer's product.

On the other hand, we also make and sale high pressure water pump unit. High pressure pumps are made by Arimitsu Industry Co.,Ltd., which can keep steady performance even if it is under higher pressure condition. The pump that is utilized in our cleaning systems , will be in the charge of RIX Changzhou for maintenance and repairing. Even as the aging of this kind of pump or raising the pump's pressure capability that is utilized in customer’s facilities, we can replace the parts from the pump.

We will provide the various solution for cleaning and deflashing quality by water control technology from more professional standpoints. Moreover, we will also cooperate with RIX Japan and RIX Thailand for providing customers service more efficiency .Thanks.

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